Toyota Avanza Indonesia

Toyota Avanza Indonesia, car become a necessity that has been inseparable from the community. Therefore, car manufacturers more incentive to bring the latest cars on the market. From a line of products that exist in the country, Toyota Avanza remains to be excellent to date. Type car Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) comes with a seven-seat passengers and offer attractive features and specifications. That is why many are interested in Toyota’s car.

In recent years the Toyota Avanza managed to become the best-selling car in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, this product got the nickname as a car million people. Although many present new cars in Indonesia, in fact Avanza can still survive. But it is certainly not without effort.

Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) periodically to refresh the backbone of this sales. Toyota’s flagship car gets a touch of changes both in terms of exterior appearance, interior, and engine features.

As an illustration, the family car got a massive change in 2011. At that time Toyota Avanza Indonesia comes with an ‘All-New’. Then a touch of refreshment was also done in 2015 with the addition of the word ‘Grand New’. Low MPV is offered in two versions, namely New Avanza Grand and Grand New Veloz.

The success of Toyota Avanza to exist until 2017 shows that many consumers who like this car. Both in terms of appearance and specifications of the Toyota Avanza. But probably not many people know the facts of MPV 7-passenger Toyota.

To be more clear here is an interesting fact Toyota Avanza Indonesia, as reported by the Liputan6.
Meaning of the name Avanza

Probably not a few who ask what the real meaning of the name Avanza. It is known that the name is derived from the Italian (Roman), avazanto. When translated into the Indonesian language means is advanced, sophisticated, and advanced.

Similarly, with his twin brother, Daihatsu Xenia the name also taken from a foreign language, Greek. Xenia is taken from the word “Xenos”, meaning the guest or stranger.

This car is not the only model that its name is taken from a foreign language. Last year Toyota and Daihatsu launched Calya and Sigra that fill LCGC 7-seater segment. Both were taken from Sanskrit which the dominant language in the country during the Hindu kingdom.
Avanza produced in the factory Daihatsu

Avanza has become one of Toyota cars. However, please note that this LMPV not produced at Toyota’s plant, but at the factory owned by Daihatsu. The same is done in other models such as Rush, Agya and Calya. As already widely known, these models car is a collaboration between Toyota and Daihatsu.

It is part of our corporate strategy. Both can work together in presenting a new car. There is a defined division of labor, where Daihatsu indeed share in the production process.