Mazda 6 Station Wagon Details

SHO CAL officially introduced a number of new automobiles. One of them is the Mazda6 Estate. This car is a real manifold vehicle or station wagon. The latest Mazda car comes with an exclusive design and attractive, following Mazda’s unique touch.

Step Mazda presents a new car is arguably bold. So far the Indonesian people are not too familiar with estate type vehicle and tend to prefer a sedan. But Mazda is not discouraged to bring the car.

Brief information, Estate or station wagon is a car designed by adopting the base sedan. The difference is the back part of the roof is made extending to the top of the trunk. This makes the trunk space blends with the passenger space and makes it have pillars D.

Let us discuss the specification Mazda6 Estate recently introduced some time ago.

Looking at the specifications, Mazda6 station wagon version is not much different from the sedan version. The car is still relying on a similar engine and transmission. That four-cylinder engine capacity of 2,500 cc SKYACTIVE which can contribute power of 184.3 hp at 5,700 rpm rotation with peak torque of 250 Nm at 3,250 rpm.

The kitchen is accompanied by a 6-speed automatic transmission, just like the Mazda6 sedan. Also available a large selection of Sport and manual shift mode.

The difference is clearly visible from the zoom. Mazda6 Estate has a more sexy look at the cabin to the rear. This is a characteristic of the vehicle station wagon. The interface looks interesting and unique to Indonesia because people in the country are not many people who have an estate car or station wagon.

So what about the dimensions of this Mazda car?

Glance Mazda6 Estate car look longer than the Mazda6 sedan. But in reality it is inversely proportional. For the Estate version has a length of 4,865 mm, while the sedan version reached 4,800 mm. as well as the wheelbase or long wheelbase. Mazda6 Estate wheelbase reaches 2,750 mm, 2,830 mm while the sedan.

Such differences impact on the passenger behind. Even so this car has no restrictions bulkhead with baggage. As a result the seat arrangement rear cabin becomes more freely. In addition, leg room its not much different, still offer good comfort.

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Interestingly, the Mazda6 Estate has a more spacious headroom. High roofline to the rear passengers reached 970 mm. higher than the sedan version is only 942 mm. The difference makes the Mazda6 Estate rear passengers more freely.

What do you think about this car specification Mazda6 Estate?

Unfortunately for now this Mazda car prices have not been announced by Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI). According to an EMI source, price and Estate Mazda6 sedan abroad is no different. Yet another case when the car is officially present in Indonesia.

“But the tax scheme in Indonesia is different, so the price is more expensive station wagon from the sedan. But we try to keep the real price is not too much difference, “he explained.

There is a particular reason why SHO CAL decided to bring this new Mazda car. “There are opportunities in this model, because not much play. Staying launching later when we see how the price, “said Sales, Marketing & Public Relations Director.

“People in the class want different (different). This is not the same as the mass class wants the same. When the other fills the low segment car, we fill the segments that had not occurred, “he explained.

We wait for further information about the price of this car Mazda6 Estate.