It is no secret if a sales team to spearhead a car rental jakarta to acquire new customers. They will reach out to you through a variety of ways, ranging from telephone conversations, meetings with the appointment, up to a presentation from house to house. However, in recent years, many salespersons who began to develop other sales outside of conventional sales method (we call it). Salesperson car company is one such example.

High level of competition is one cause. This competition does not only occur between the car brand gained popularity in the market, but the competition also occurs between a salesperson in a company of the same. In fact, there is a branch office of a car brand that has up to 60 salesperson. Imagine if in an area there are at least three different branches for one brand of car. In fact, let’s say, each of them was asked to sell a minimum of 6 units each month. Very competitive internal competition is inevitable, is not it?

Because the competition is very high, sometimes the conventional method is not entirely successful. If you are in the position of salesperson, you need to find something unique to win the competition. It is then pushed many salesperson exploring other options in reaching customers. One of the ways that tend to be selected is a method of online marketing.

Around the world, online marketing is being discussed and applied. Many people, not just for business of buying and selling of cars, vying to bring their business on the internet in hopes of getting the results doubled. If you have time to spare, you can see it for yourself in the Google search engine. Try to find a product with keywords that are relevant to the product. You will find a lot of goods on offer, all in front of you in a matter of seconds.

Everything, including search and payment information, you can do in front of the screen without having to leave home.

Ease as is utilized by well-trained salesperson car business (and many other businesses, of course). With online marketing, product information can be accessed by potential clients more easily and quickly, without having to meet. If the prospect is ready to buy, then they can be directed to come face to face with the salesperson in preparation for vehicle papers and final completion of the transaction. This of course only applies if a business requires face-to-face transactions, such as business selling this car. However, in many other occasions, you can easily make transactions directly from the website.

The first step you need to be prepared to start using online marketing methods is, of course, create a website. We at Officials Hocal highly recommend it. Many of the benefits that you will get to have their own website, one of them is your business will be seen as more “authorized” by the prospect, instead of just social media accounts without having a website.

Nevertheless, it does not mean marketing your business online does not require promotion in social media. Synergies promotion through websites and social media will certainly bring a positive impact for your website.

If you notice, a lot salesperson car companies create their own websites outside the company’s official website. This is one way to win the competition with competitors, especially with another salesperson. Promotion can clearly be packed more attractive to use website. In addition, the website can be accessed 24 hours non-stop, which obviously will allow potential customers to access your website whenever they want.

In addition to social media, the salesperson also often use search engines as media promotion of their website. There are at least two ways are widely applied: SEO and Google Adwords. SEO is a way of online marketing with website optimization to improve rankings in the organic search results of search engines. Meanwhile, Google Adwords is an advertising services to appear as paid search results on Google search engine.

Online marketing methods that are applied by a car salesperson’s business can be an example for your business. That is, you can also follow the success they achieved on the internet. Remember the secret of success as a prefix: make a good website first.